SEALED POWER Speed-Pro Hypereutectic Pistons H631CP


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1.33 lbs
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Package Length
19.42 in
49.33 cm
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9.31 in
23.65 cm
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4.54 in
11.53 cm

Part Type: Pistons
Model: Hypereutectic FM244 Silicon Alloy Pistons
Application: Chevrolet 350Small Block V8
Piston Style: Flat Top with 2 Valve Reliefs
Cylinder Bore: 4.000″
Compression Distance: 1.560″
Crankshaft Stroke/Rod Length: 3.480″ with 5.700″ Connecting Rod (350ci)
Deck Clearance: .025″
Dome Type: Flat
Compression Ratio 3.480″ Stroke w/58.0 cc Heads: 10.28
Compression Ratio 3.480″ Stroke w/60.5 cc Heads: 9.99
Compression Ratio 3.480″ Stroke w/64.0 cc Heads: 9.61
Compression Ratio 3.480″ Stroke w/68.0 cc Heads: 9.21
Compression Ratio 3.480″ Stroke w/72.0 cc Heads: 8.85
Compression Ratio 3.480″ Stroke w/76.0 cc Heads: 8.52
Piston Material: Hypereutectic FM244 Alloy
Accumulator Groves: No
Forced Pin Oilers: No
Gas Ports: No
Skirt Clearance: .0010”
Skirt Coating: Yes, Duroshield Anti-Friction Coating
Lock Removal Indents: No
Wrist Pin Style: Press-Fit or Floating
Wrist Pins Included: Yes
Pin Lock: N/A
Ring Grove Sizes: 5/64″, 5/64″, 3/16″
Piston Rings Included: No
Manufacturer: Federal-Mogul Corporation
Manufacturer’s Part Number: H631CP
Weight: 14.0 lbs.