Engine Building

If  your looking for a quality performance or restoration engine for racing or street, Loftis Race Engines is interested in helping you reach your goals. Contact us for a consultation.  You can connect with us at the bottom of this web page.

Bore and Hone

We have years of experience to meet your needs for Blocks that need a Bore and Hone Job. For best engine performance, you need roundness, straightness, taper, and shape for a cylinder bore so that your piston rings have a tight seal.

When assessing your block  for a specific dimension, your block will be examined for current wear and tear and the thickness of the castings. 

Once your block  has the right bore, we will finish up with a hone so that your piston rings get the proper lubrication.

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Cylinder Sleeves

If your engine is in need of sleeves for correction or protection, Get in touch for a consultation.

Engine Decks

Decking is a critical aspect of any performance engine building process.  Loftis Race Engines can provide top quality improvement to your engine deck.  Connect with us at the bottom of this page for a consultation.

MagnaFlux Services

Due to the age and stress of most engines the Magnaflux method is utilized to identify cracks in cylinder heads, engine blocks, connecting rods and crankshafts as well as other components of the engine that need to be checked.
The Magnaflux process utilizes an electrical current to produce magnetism in the part being checked, a solution containing iron powder is flowed over the part. The components having been magnetized will draw the iron powder to the void area “crack” . Utilizing the ultraviolet black light clearly shows the flow “crack”. 
The Magnaflux process is a critical step many cracks would otherwise go unnoticed, particularly cracks in parts such as crankshafts. Cracks in crankshafts are often not visible to the naked eye.
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